The Second Best Holiday of the Week- 529 Day

The weekend is scheduled to begin today and the last thing on your mind is probably your children’s college tuition. Tuition is a daunting topic amongst students and parents across the country. While it seems that there is no end to the rise in costs of college, it...


Keeping up with Narwhal Capital Management has never been easier. First there was the new website and accompanying blog (which you’ve obviously found). Next came the inescapable weekly email updates. Then there was the Twitter profile with its own brand of...

What Moonshine Can Teach Us About the Recent IRS Data Leak

Is the internet too big? Believe it or not, I pose this question somewhat seriously. Has the internet gone too far? Anybody with a smartphone can share anything at anytime with a few swift finger swipes. Any fool with an opinion can blog about it, pat himself on the...
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