Upside Risk: Understanding the Value of Upside

Last week I ran across this article which calls out those who think of risk purely in terms of a market decline: If you think about risk in terms of a stock sell-off, you are an amateur – a deer in the headlights.   Everyone is living longer. Inflation at the rate of...

IBM – Back in the Mix

A handful of clients have seen a familiar name added to their portfolio over the past week or so. International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is back “in the mix” as we continue to pursue fairly—or ideally, under—valued large cap, dividend-paying stocks....

ETF Tax Advantages

Most of Narwhal’s clients own Exchange Traded Funds (hereafter, ETFs) in some capacity. Though the bulk of the firm’s investment holdings come in the form of individual securities (primarily stocks or bonds), we use ETFs to accomplish two goals: To provide...
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