Bernie Sanders Falsely Categorizes Wall Street

In a now-deleted Tweet, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had the following to say about Wall Street yesterday:   The message is right in line with Sanders’ constant bemoaning of “Wall Street” and investment speculation. It’s...

Big Market Moves

Just a quick-hitter here, but check out the S&P’s year-to-date closing prices in the chart below.   Two things stand out: The size of these cumulative movements – a decline of more than nine percent; a rally of more than four percent, a decline of...

Random FANG Investing Check-in

FANG investing…it’s not just for vampires. In 2015, FANG—Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google—took the market by storm. The returns were obnoxiously bloated. $100k split evenly between the four growth giants would have left an end-of-year balance of $182,717.50. An...
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