Brews & News

BREWS & NEWS JANUARY 24th @ 7:00   Calling all Millennials Narwhal Capital Management wants to invite you to come join us for our quarterly Brews & News – a financially informative, casual event. We will be discussing 401k strategies, current happenings and answering...

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Wine Tasting

Do you enjoy wine? If so, join us next Thursday at Marietta Wine Market for a wine tasting...

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Getting Out of and Avoiding Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is something we’re all aware of, and if we’re not careful it can get out of hand. There are many common habits that keep people in debt. Not paying your card off every month and continuing to pay the minimum, impulsive spending, not knowing the terms...

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Narwhal Analysts Comment on Market Volatility

In light of the market action over the past 2 days I asked our equity analysts for a quick snapshot of their thoughts behind the downward movement in virtually every market – equity, fixed, domestic and foreign.  They agreed in many areas – particularly as it related...

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