Cody Willard (@CodyWillard on Twitter) is an ex-Hedge Fund Manager and the former host of “Happy Hour” on the Fox Business News channel. He’s currently the chairman of Scutify ( — a social media platform for investors — and a contributor to a slew of publications. He is also the the proprietor of Trading With Cody ( He’s appeared in The Wall Street Journal, been targeted by Jon Steward on “The Daily Show,” and was once a guest on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Cody joined Andrew Hall (Narwhal Capital Management’s Vice President, and Tusk Media podmaster) for a lively discussion on the social and investible impacts of Pokemon GO, Cody’s varied career in the world of investing, his views on the upcoming election and much more. He even told stories about how he almost died on live television.

Tune in to hear how Pokemon GO is like The Beatles and why Cody might pick up a few votes for POTUS in November. You can stream the episode below, or download in the iTunes Podcast App.



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