We launched Tusk Media last summer as a way to engage with clients and increase our reach to younger investors. The Investing Podcast, our first show available in video and audio form, gave us that outlet. But given the ongoing lack of basic financial literacy among young people, we felt it necessary to take a step back and examine ways to get even more people involved in thinking about money. We decided a show with an emphasis on financial foundations—things like saving, budgeting, etc.—would be a welcomed addition to the financial media landscape.

With that in mind we created “Young Bucks.” After a few weeks of trial episodes, we’re excited to announce that Young Bucks is now available just about everywhere. It’s on iTunes and Stitcher in podcast form. You can stream it via Spreaker and the video format is available on YouTube.

So check out this week’s episode. And please, please, please share with your younger family members and friends. This is geared specifically towards an audience under the age of 35 (but we hope everyone likes it!).





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