October 7, 2016

Marietta, Georgia—Narwhal Capital Management and its media subsidiary, Tusk Media, announced a new content syndication partnership with Seeking Alpha today.

“We’re phenomenally excited about reaching a broader investing audience with our video content,” said Andrew Hall (Vice President of Narwhal Capital Management and host of The Investing Podcast). “As daily users of Seeking Alpha, we’re honored to be among the site’s frequent content contributors and excited to see our video platform experience the same success we’ve seen on the audio-only side.”

Hall added enthusiasm about the arrangement and editorial control.

Seeking Alpha actually reached out to us about providing the content after watching one of our videos. We’re humbled to have caught the eye of such a large publication, but more importantly we’re excited that the site’s editors have not requested final cut on our videos. We can continue to make videos the way we like them—light-hearted at times, analytical at times, etc.—without having to yield to an editorial board. This will ensure that our opinions and market insights are not polluted by outside opinion. After all, the objective of Tusk Media is and always has been to inform our own clients.

Seeking Alpha (www.seekingalpha.com) is home to more than four million subscribers who account for more than 85 million monthly page views.

Tusk Media’s content is available on Seeking Alpha here. In addition, all video and audio content remains free on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker and YouTube.


About Narwhal Capital Management

Founded in 2005 and with a manager track record dating back to 1994, Narwhal Capital Management (www.narwhalcapital.com) is based in suburban Atlanta and offers investment management, accounting and other financial services to individuals, families, private corporations and charitable organizations.


About Tusk Media

Founded in 2016, Tusk Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Narwhal Capital Management established to provide financial education, opinion and analysis to clients of Narwhal Capital Management and the general public.



Andrew D. Hall
Narwhal Capital Management




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