Last summer, we launched Tusk Media – a subsidiary of Narwhal Capital Management – as part of an effort to drive ongoing education for clients. As we continue these endeavors, Ben Nye (our Senior Equity Analyst) came up with the idea of running a quarterly economic webinar. Now, this isn’t an altogether “original” idea. Most major mutual funds and a slew of money managers run quarterly presentations in this format. But we’ve never done it.

In general, we tend to be bottom-up investors focusing on individual investment selection. If you’re a client or have read our newsletters, you know this. But that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to the broader macro picture. It would be negligent to ignore economic data and trends. In that spirit, we’re throwing our hat into the ring with our first quarterly macro webinar.



We welcome any and all feedback and appreciate your engagement. If you have interest in the slides themselves, they are available here.

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