Andrew and Ben kick off the morning by providing five predictions each of what they believe will happen in the upcoming year.

They both begin by hitting on some international movement.  Ben believes we will see some currency action from Belize, visiting the country over Christmas. Andrew says the action will not slow down in Europe with more populist movement coming out of the reserved Netherlands.  The DJIA could see some swings under Trump’s first year.  We hope to see some new highs and runs, but there is potential for a downturn.  As value investors, we digress. Healthcare would most likely be the reason behind a run up, coupled with banks due to financial deregulation.

Ben has great faith in the U.K.’s ability to outpace GDP forecasts that Wall Street has created.  He also  shows his patriotism and predicts the U.S. economy to grow at a 5.5% nominal GDP rate.  The two can agree upon Snapchat’s IPO being wildly successful.  It will come in at a valuation above $37.5 billion and finish the year even higher than that.

Ben then stuns us all with perhaps the most insane call for 2017: That the Washington Huskies will win a national championship.  We’ll just leave that there for it to soak in.

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