Trump Tweets

The team discusses recent tweets and gives an update on the President’s pledge to “drain the swamp.”  They also discuss the nomination of Alex Azar.

Qualcomm/Broadcom Deal

Qualcomm recently rejected a buyout bid at $70 a share from Broadcom. The team talks price predictions and if another offer will be made.

AT&T/Time Warner deal

The department of Justice may be “blocking” the deal, or at least dragging their feet citing antitrust issues. Discussion centers around what makes the deal profitable for AT&T and the moving pieces that could make it happen.

Schwab IMPACT Conference Preview

Ben Nye sits down with Andrew Hall to walk through his upcoming presentation “Reaching Millennial Clients with Millennial Employees” at the 2017 Schwab IMPACT conference. Andrew discusses the power of merging young talent and wealth management.

General Electric

GE has had a tough year, down almost 40% and the new CEO is slashing dividends by 50%. They are trying to turn the company around with a new game-plan and reducing the number of board members from 18 to 12.

Butch Jones Buyout

Butch Jones was recently fired as Tennessee’s head football coach. Andrew Hall explains Jonses’ contract, buyout, and his personal thoughts on college football buyout clauses.


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(The guys discuss their college football picks from the previous week and share their thoughts for the coming weekend. (At minute 5:58)

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