On this week’s episode of “Young Bucks,” Narwhal Capital Management analysts Ben Nye, Matt Krebsbach, Sam Frost, and Andrew Hall share their insights and perspectives on the following topics:

Deals & Mergers
Qualcomm (QCOM) recently made a $103 billion bid for Broadcom (AVGO). If this goes through, it will be the largest semiconductor company merger in history. The team discusses the link between this merger and the possible leverage it would give Broadcom over Apple (APPL).

Disney (DIS) and Fox  (FOXA) are rumored to be in talks for Disney to buy most of the Fox affiliates. While not currently in negotiations, the team takes a look at the possibility of a deal and the current state of each company.

Trump Tax Plan

The team dives into the changes in the standard deduction, what it means for you, and the timing of these changes.

Snapchat Earnings

Andrew and Ben discuss the current state of Snapchat (SNAP).  Headwinds created by a low percentage of new users add to weak revenue and a questionable outlook for growth.



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