While every Narwhal portfolio is customized to each client’s risk tolerance, income needs, time horizon and investment objectives, very few are one-dimensional and focused solely on stocks or entirely on bonds.

Most of our portfolios are balanced across all asset classes, but every single account is customized to each individual client.

To the contrary, the overwhelming majority of our accounts are balanced—across equity (stocks), fixed income (bonds), cash and commodities—to some extent. To be sure, this customization yields a wide array of portfolio profiles. Some are aggressive; some are conservative. Some are geared toward growth; others are focused on maximizing current income. But a wide-ranging collection of clients mandates an eclectic mix of asset allocations.

We believe we add as much value to clients in our allocation analysis and implementation as we do with our individual stock or bond selection. Accordingly, we take great pride in this element of our stewardship.