2020 ICR Conference Recap

For the third year in a row, we attended the annual ICR Conference in Orlando. In the attached document, we (Vice President Andrew Hall, Chief Investment Officer Ben Nye and Senior Fixed Income Analyst Tom Russell) share observations on: The Strength of the American...

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2019 Schwab IMPACT Conference: Day 3

If you missed it (and how could you have?!?!), here are my thoughts on Day 1 and Day 2 of Schwab's annual IMPACT Conference, the largest gathering of independent financial advisors in the country. Greg Valliere on the Political Climate in Washington, D.C. Valliere is...

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2019 Schwab IMPACT Conference: Day 2

If you missed my thoughts from Day 1, go check them out.  Opening Session Bernie Clark, the EVP of Schwab's Advisor Services channel, opened the morning with enthusiastic remarks about the independent advisor space. Though somewhat trite (especially if you read my...

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2019 Schwab IMPACT Conference: Day 1

Charles Schwab, the largest custodian of independent advisor (firms like Narwhal) assets, hosts an annual conference for Registered Investment Advisors each fall. Though positioned as something of an invite-only, education-driven event, at times, it can feel more like...

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News and Media

Narwhal Capital Releases Q3 2019 Macro Review and Outlook

On October 22, 2019, Narwhal Capital released its Q3 2019 Review for public consumption. The commentary contained therein is the firm’s opinion at the time of publication and not intended to be investment advice. The commentary is divided into 3 parts. In part 1, we...

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