Private Equity Primer: Part 1

Matt, as someone who has a career of exposure to private equity deals, how would you describe the allure of these private opportunities compared to the public markets? Let's start as big picture as possible and look at the reward proposition of private equity. First,...

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Macro Comments

There is a lot of commentary out right now about whether the current S&P 500 run is sustainable or not.  We have had the likes of Tepper and Druckenmiller make comments in mid-May about how the stock market was the most overvalued they had seen since the Tech Bubble. ...

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Mel’s Money Minute: Mid-Year Financial Review

How are those 2020 resolution goals coming along? Were some of them interrupted by the COVID-19 crisis? Or, are you thinking, “what goals?” Regardless of your answer, now is an excellent time for a mid-year financial review. This does not have to be as involved and...

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Narwhal Capital Releases Q1 2020 Macro Review and Outlook

On April 13, 2020, Narwhal Capital released its Q1 2020 Macro Review and Outlook. The commentary contained therein is the firm’s opinion at the time of publication and not intended to be investment advice. Our theme for this is quarter is "Get Through to Where we are...

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Big Picture Perspective

Over the past weeks, global events related to the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted markets and left many investors unsure of how their hard-earned savings will perform in the future. Especially with 2019 bringing healthy growth to retirement accounts, the recent stock...

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