Bond University: Fixed Income Basics

How did you get started working with bonds? For me, I started as a cold caller for a bond desk, and the way for me to be successful at that time was to understand what I was trying to sell advisors. I came from a regular investment advisory background as an intern and...

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Coronavirus Whitepaper

The Coronavirus and the Impact on the Economy   What is COVID-19? Virus Base Comorbidity Over age 70 R-naught (transmission) COVID-19 1.5%-4.5% 6.0%-14.0% 8.0%-22.0% 2.0-2.5 SARS 10% Unclear 75%+ 2.0-5.0 MERS 30-40% Unclear 75%+ 0.3-0.8 Influenza 0.1% 5-20% 49% 1.25...

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Sector Analysis: Healthcare

Why is it important to look at equities from a sector perspective? Each sector is different and has different characteristics. Every sector has different capital needs, and the biggest question becomes, “how does the business actually run from a sector basis?” For...

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Suspension of Reality

Several years ago I placed a simple message on my bathroom mirror:  “Do not give up what you want most for what you want now.”  Of course, the phrase is not mine and is found throughout the internet and on motivational posters.  But it is popular because the message...

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Mel’s Money Minute: The Case Against Budgets

Who am I? Melissa Visbal, CFP ® Candidate, post-grad millennial just trying to figure out life, while helping others accomplish the same goal. What is Mel’s Money Minute? Here I get to discuss relevant financial topics while providing action steps and hopefully,...

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