May 16, 2016

Marietta, Georgia—Narwhal Capital Management today announced the formation of a new media-focused subsidiary, Tusk Media.

Tusk Media will enhance the client experience through increased means of communication and education. Though the project is intended to evolve over time, plans are in place for a daily video series and podcast to launch in early June.

The videos will be available through traditional mainstream mediums such as YouTube, but will also be curated and posted on Narwhal Capital Management’s blog ( and a new Tusk Media site, which is slated to launch later this summer. Audio from the videos will be combined with long form recorded interviews and discussions to yield downloadable and streamable podcasts accessible through a variety of channels including iTunes and Stitcher Radio. All content—both video and audio—will be promoted via social media.

“We’re excited about leveraging technology to improve our market communication with clients,” said Narwhal Capital Management’s Vice President Andrew Hall.

We’ve experienced a lot of success—both in terms of measurable data like pageviews and qualitative feedback from readers—with our new website and the blog we launched last summer. We’ll continue to post original written content there in addition to the new audio and video formats. With Tusk Media, we’re simply looking to extend information to our subscribers in a way that more closely parallels market developments. Tusk will provide market commentary in real time and viewers and listeners will be able to enjoy this content while on the way to work, jogging on the treadmill or filling time during a lunch break.

“This is a client-focused initiative,” added the Narwhal’s Founder and President, Matthew Burton.

While we can’t cater each video or podcast episode to each individual client or portfolio, we can offer market insights through our own collective lens. In time, this will elevate the foundation upon which our relationships with clients is based. The common denominator of knowledge will shift upward and allow for us to serve in even more sophisticated ways.

“One of our firm’s early catchphrases was ‘Narwhal, an uncommon find in a sea of choices.’ I’m not sure who came up with that, but it stuck. It’s still on our website. And there’s a similar significance around the Tusk moniker,” observed Hall. He explained further:

Researchers have found that narwhals are actually able to use their tusks for a variety of purposes. The most obvious function is actually the least common. That is to say, the tusk is rarely used as a defensive weapon, though it can be utilized in such a way on occasion. More often, however, the tusk, which is an extended tooth protruding out of the whale’s mouth, is used to gauge water temperature and observe chemical concentrations in the water. In that regard, the tusk is essential in identifying food in murky ocean waters.  The tusk leads the way in finding sustenance. Our aspiration is for the hunt for financial stability and investment opportunity to begin with Tusk Media.

Though client education is the priority for Tusk Media, all content will be available to the general public free of charge.

Updates on how to access the content will be be provided in the weeks to come.


About Narwhal Capital Management

Founded in 2005 and with a manager track record dating back to 1994, Narwhal Capital Management ( is based in suburban Atlanta and offers investment management, accounting and other financial services to individuals, families, private corporations and charitable organizations.


About Tusk Media

Founded in 2016, Tusk Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of Narwhal Capital Management established to provide financial education, opinion and analysis to clients of Narwhal Capital Management and the general public.



Andrew D. Hall
Narwhal Capital Management

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