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For nearly 25 years, Narwhal Capital Management has provided investment advisory services to clients in the metro Atlanta area and around the United States.

Though economic outlooks and market trends may vary, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving clients through risk-appropriate performance returns, proactive service and an emphasis on education.


Narwhal builds customized portfolios across all asset classes with an emphasis on undervalued stocks and a buy-and-hold approach to municipal bonds.


We strive to complement portfolio management with excellent client service that is proactive, comprehensive and uniquely tailored for each client.


We strive to educate our clients and the surrounding community, because we believe knowledge is a prerequisite for true financial independence.

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Big Picture Perspective

Over the past weeks, global events related to the COVID-19 pandemic have disrupted markets and left many investors unsure of how their hard-earned savings will perform in the future. Especially with 2019 bringing healthy growth to retirement accounts, the recent stock...

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A Call for Discipline in the Face of Adversity

If you're alive (and hopefully one or two of you still are), then you're most assuredly aware of the sharp stock sell-offs which have now "officially" pushed markets into Bear territory for the first time since 2009. Though puncturing and confidence-shaking, recent...

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