Yesterday, we very formally announced the formation of Tusk Media. But here’s a little bit of a more informal primer on what we’re going to be doing. And this is going to be real informal. I’m talkin’ me just spit-balling ideas.

  • I’m pretty sure the single slowest way to communicate any idea within the investing world is to write it down. The second we start typing something, a whole new layer of formality takes over. Sure, there are compliance challenges that must be addressed, but more importantly it’s almost impossible to sound conversational in written words about investing. So, I do think the audio and video recordings will better suit our general tone and allow us to say more.
  • Let me be really clear on this: We’re NOT abandoning the blog. Period. We’re going to keep writing on the blog and in other formats (quarterly newsletters, other reports, etc.). We’re simply adding to how we communicate.
  • We’re going to make this easy. We’ll literally publish a video on how to subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channels when we go live. If we meet with you individually, we’ll set things up for you on your phone (with your permission, obviously).
  • We’ve got a lot to say. We’ll talk investing, the market, economics, finance in general, etc. And, we’ll have a slew of special guests on to chat with us.


So what’s the average week look like in terms of Tusk Media? Monday-Friday will feature the following videos/podcasts:

  • “Morning Market Mimosa” – Pop champagne, pour some OJ and get ready for the day with the biggest stories in pre-market activity.
  • “Stock Market Power Lunch” – Let’s check in on what’s going on at the day’s mid-point.
  • “Investing Happy Hour” – Let’s recap a full day of activity and look forward to tomorrow.


Additionally, we’ll be publishing two long-form podcasts each week (“Outsider Trading” will air on Tuesday and Thursday). The first episode will be an interview with Matt Burton, Narwhal’s Founder and President. He’ll talk about the early days of the firm and why he started Narwhal and we’ll work our way up to today.

Finally, as a little bit of a tease, we’ll start periodically posting some “scripts” for the recurring podcasts in the days to come. This will give you a good idea of the types of stuff we’ll be talking about in the Morning Market Mimosa, Stock Market Power Lunch and Investing Happy Hour sessions. I’ll have one of those up tomorrow.


Andrew Hall is the Vice President of Narwhal Capital Management.


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