Author’s Note: None of this should be taken seriously. I mean that.

Some of you may have seen the popular hashtag #WarOnTechnology floating around the Twitter-sphere lately. We’re not merely leading that charge; we’re the inventors of it.

During the Investing Happy Hour on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, we debuted a new segment entitled, “Declaring War.” We used the segment (and will continue to use it) to call out our enemy of the week. This week, the enemy is major tech giants Apple and Facebook (two companies we willfully and knowingly own stock in and will continue to own stock in).

What have AAPL and FB done to wrong us? Well, we think they’re trying to keep us down. As explained here:


Facebook is trying to build its Facebook Live interface. To promote the product, the company is paying out $50 million to video broadcasters to get them to use the platform. We’re getting exactly $0 from Facebook. That’s not a typo, folks. They aren’t paying us a thing. So a global social media giant is paying money to video broadcasters and they’ve opted not to pay any money to one of the world’s leading video broadcasts about money. Seriously. At the time this decision was made/announced we had the Number 1 Investing Video Podcast in the world.


I would say that this costly oversight on Facebook’s part is like a bad dream, but most nightmares have an element of realism. This is literally unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Apple seems to have caught on to our gimmick as well. We’re giving away our podcast content (both audio and video) for absolutely free. That means Apple’s cut of revenue is $0.00 per download. Combine that non-existent revenue line for the company with our rapid success, and it’s no surprise that the iPhone makers had to come up with a way to keep us down. Their plan: removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Seriously, that’s happening.

It’s insanity. We were left with no other option. We had to declare war. So, here’s how it’s going so far.


The war efforts are alive and well. We aren’t going anywhere. Soon we’ll reminisce on the podcast about when technology was a thing.

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